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Our project is a platform that will connect every mobile phone without internet
Every rural area with phones (for SMS and calls) will now have access to the internet. School children without books will be able to read from feature phone or dumb phones and this will solve the problem of schools not having books. Farmer (for example) will be able to find buyers and prices of produces, check weather, etc Third party will be able to develop apps and lauch start ups on our plartform, there by creating jobs in the process
Having grown up in africa and later having the privilege of having unlimited internet access, I have learnt a lot lot and developed innovative solutions with this information. I understand that for africa to develop, we need to empower every community with information. Through research, people will come up with innovative solutions to develop their communities
We have developed the prototype for demonstration purposes. We are now in the process of obtaining a patent and intend to partner with mobile operators to provider the prototype on live devices to the end user.
Our clients will be governments, organisations and individuals who wish to develop applications to reach areas without internet access. We will charge them a fee to access our API to push their content to the end users. We will partner with mobile operators who will charge the end users a small fee and will share the revenues.
Milestones 1. Product and market research 2. Develop prototype 3. Obtain Patent 4. Partner with phone company 5. Market the product By presenting the project, we are hoping to get investors on board to pump money so we can fuel our growth and provide the platform to the entire african market
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Short description of the project : A platform to connect every mobile phone (i.e feature phones) to the internet

Founder : Tresford Himanansa

Website : http://www.xypnet.com

Date of creation : 19th April, 2010

Country : Zambia

Business sector : Telecommunications, Telephony & Mobile

Linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/company/xypnet

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/xypnet

Twitter : https://twitter.com/xypnet