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Nehema trading and project, an African Startup Portrait

My company is still new because I want to launch a new product in the market . My goal is extend my business all over Africa.
I decided to start this cosmetic business, because I was already involved in and skin care and makeup businesses for 4 years. I worked as a sales person and as a marketing person. I have experience in the cosmetic business . The impact that I want to bring in the. Market is that I would people to use a quality product made in Africa by an African women. That will change the perception of people, because in the market client think only that products made outside Africa are the best. By developing my business this will creates jobs and business for people who would like to be retailer by buying from me and resale and get their profit. Cosmetic sector is a very lucrative sector especially here in Africa , so for me it a good opportunity to launch and I expect a good response from my potential customers.
I have experience I have study the market I know what customers want and im ready to meet their need. There is a lot of problems in the skin. Of African women because they use bad and fake products for their skin, the goal of my company is to creates products that will treats skin problems and give them confidence in themselfs.
I have already contacted cosmetic manufacturers here in South Africa we are in the developing process of the product.
My business model is to ptoduce and sell the products to retailers, my clients are . Pharmacies, cosmetics shops.
I would like if your platform can help me get funds to launch this products. I need 50000 euros I already have 25000 euros I need an other 25000 to reach my goal.
Coming soon.

Project : Nehema trading and project

Short description of the project : Create a color cosmetic and skin care cosmetic line

Founder : Olangi Ketsia

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Date of creation : 2015-01-10

Country : South Africa

Business sector : Perfumery & Cosmetics

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