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African Renewable Energy Distributor, an African Startup Portrait

Our Company has developed a mobile solar kiosk (MSK in Rwanda which is a one stop shop income generating business solution for people at the BOP level. We plan to accomplish four main goals: 1. To offer a uniform distribution channel for different products , services and digital content. Our primary service is charging small electronics mostly cell phones using renewable technology, we also sell electronic vouchers such as airtime, mobile money, products such as solar light and cell phones, in the future will be offering internet hotspot capabilities using machine 2 machine technology build in the MSK. 2. To offer entrepreneurship opportunity using a low cost franchise business model, for people that want to be in business for themselves but not by themselves with gender equality. 3. MSK offers product availability and brand visibility for our partners. 4. To collect data from the customer, engage customers, offer digital advertisement and content using our built-in M2M tech.
I always been an entrepreneur by heart. I love the fact that you can go from an idea, and build a business from it. To me entrepreneurship is the freedom to be creative and follow your imagination and dreams. Combine with some action you can accomplish something. Also, entrepreneurship does not have any ceiling, you can build something as big as your drive allows you too, and you find yourself in control of your own destiny, We have a triple bottom impact: environmental impact, our technology uses solar energy and we develop a recycling program to dispose of the kiosk and it’s components after its life cycle. Social impact: we develop and train man, women and people with disabilities to be part of our franchise program. Most of our franchisees are people that are unemployed economic impact: Our franchisees average around $150 to $200 revenue per month which is twice what the average salary is at the BOP in Rwanda. Our vision is to have over 50000 solar kiosk in Africa alone.
I would pick first my passion. I believe success in life is based on mostly doing something you love. I have been in business for over 10 years, and I truly find my passion. I believe that making others successful will eventually make the company successful. I love that we are offering a true solutions for a people that very fee people care about. Second is my drive, I am extremely driven by my vision, and without that drive I believe I would have quick by now. I believe obstacles are part of any business process and only drive and determination can help you get over it. Finally, the knowledge of the market at the BOP level. I spent two years learning the market, testing the business model.
We have accomplished a lot in two years. We have a partnership with Airtel Rwanda and mobi cash, we have 25 mobile solar kiosks on the ground and 30% of them are women. We have done a pilot project in Burundi. We in the process in looking for fund now to role out 100 solar kiosks.
ARED’s uses a franchise business model to offer entrepreneurship opportunities for people who want to be in business for themselves, but not by themselves. Our franchisee pays around $800 to start a Smart Solar Kiosk business. This include: - 3 Day Training program for the franchisees , free maintenance, insurance of the MSK. - A POS system to sell different electronic vouchers - Start-up capital for different products and services. Sources of income: - Profit sharing structure / ARED receives 1% of sales. - Sell advertisement space on MSKs. - Sell digital advertisement/content on our WIFI platform ( in the future) We mainly target customers at the BOP level ( people making less than $5/ a day) Our direct client are the franchisees, our goal is to target women and people with disabilities that lack opportunities in business. The customer base that uses our solar kiosk are primarily medium and heavy users of cell phones and smart phones.
We looking for strategic investor that understand what we doing and can add value to our company. We need expertise in a lot of different areas such as software, machine to machine technology, manufacturing, product development etc.... So we hope to meet investors but potential partners that will be interested in bringing our technology in their respective markets.

Project : African Renewable Energy Distributor

Short description of the project : Our Company has developed a one stop shop mobile solar kiosk to promote entrepreneurship.

Founder : henri Nyakarundi

Website : www.a-r-e-d.com

Date of creation : 2013-01-10

Country : Rwanda

Business sector : Renewable Energy & Sustainable Development

Linkedin : www.linkedin.com/in/AFRIKRED

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Twitter : https://twitter.com/AFRIKRED