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Beauty Rev NG, an African Startup Portrait

BeautyRevNG.com is Nigeria’s leading online destination for makeup and beauty products. The web store provides a highly personalized shopping experience and offers local/homegrown and international brands. BeautyRevNG provides a wide array of recognized to niche, hard-to-find products at the click of a button. BeautyRevNG.com is also an online community for African makeup artists, beauty bloggers, and makeup enthusiasts. Beauty Rev NG’s online community provides visitors access to tutorials and advice from top Africa’s top beauty influencers while spotlighting young, female entrepreneurs. In 2015, the company aims to post $100,000 in revenue and gain a profit margin of 40%. Beauty Rev NG will launch its ambassador program with 25 beauty influencers in Nigeria (and will expand to 100 in 2016). Beauty Rev NG will begin development of the first beauty app for Africa where consumers can engage with beauty influencers and get product reviews, and tutorials.
I believe that one day “African women and girls will define their own standards of beauty and influence the rest of the world.” As a young child growing up in Lagos, Nigeria we looked up to beauty trends in Europe and the United States. Due to the rise of social media, we are seeing a trend of African beauty influencers who are shifting the landscape and encouraging African women to tap into elements of their heritage and culture as symbols of beauty. BeautyRevNG will "revolutionize beauty in Africa" and will provide jobs and income earning opportunities to hundreds of women in Nigeria. BeautyRevNG will train the top beauty influencers and enroll them in a sales/ambassador program where they will have the opportunity to earn money while serving as beauty advisors. BeautyRevNG.com will provide a platform for young African female entrepreneurs who have developed beauty brands to showcase and market their products to a large audience.
Prior to founding BeautyRevNG, I worked in corporate and consumer PR and marketing for more than seven years for companies and clients including Clean Line Energy, Starbucks, Pepsico, Pfizer and more. My work experience and passion for African trade issues landed me a position as the youngest executive board member for the Houston Mayor’s Trade and International Development Committee. I also have a passion for writing and have written on fashion and beauty for various online publications including Bella Naija and The Style HQ. I relocated to Nigeria to use my experience and passion for beauty to develop BeautyRevNG.
What has been done so far? •Over 620 orders placed on BeautyRevNG.com • Partnerships with home grown brands • Over $27,000 worth of orders placed on BeautyRevNG.com • Over 35,000 website visits to BeautyRevNG.com • Cash on Delivery available in 7 Nigerian cities • Invited and participated in Harvard Africa Business Conference entrepreneur showcase • Over 10,000 followers across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram • Vendor and promotional partnerships with Uber Lagos, Africa Courier Express, Konga, and Tranzit NG
Beauty Revolution sells global and indigenous beauty products and accessories online to Nigerian consumers on its website, BeautyRevNG.com. Products are delivered via local couriers and delivery companies within 1 - 3 business days (depending on the customer’s location). Cash on Delivery is currently available in 7 Nigerian cities. Most products on BeautyRevNG.com will cost less than N3000 ($15). Customers will be acquired and engaged mostly via online campaigns with top beauty influencers. In 2015, the company aims to post $100,000 in revenue and gain a profit margin of 40%. Customers will be acquired and engaged mostly via social media campaigns with top beauty influencers due to its effectiveness at a low cost. In addition to digital ads, BeautyRevNG will participate in trade shows, radio and TV earned media opportunities. BeautyRevNG will also launch pop up stands in Lagos, Nigeria in 2015 in order to provide opportunities for in-person brand interaction.
April 2014 - December 2014 • Launch of online promotional campaigns and blogger outreach • Secure delivery partnerships and launch Cash on Delivery option in major cities • Processed over $20,000 worth of orders January 2015 - June 2015 • Invest over $10,000 in inventory (30% will be budgeted towards homegrown/indigenous brands) • Launch pop-up stores and one retail store in Lagos • Finalize partnerships with over ten indigenous brands June 2015 - December 2015 • Over $100,000 revenue with 60% of revenues based on online sales • Launch ambassador program (direct sales) in major cities and universities • Begin development of the first beauty app for Africa By participating in My African Startup, I hope to connect with other entrepreneurs, potential investors and the press. I hope also to share my lessons learned with other entrepreneurs. I am excited about the opportunity to plug into a community of innovative entrepreneurs who are revolutionizing Africa.

Project : Beauty Rev NG

Short description of the project : Nigeria’s leading online destination for makeup and beauty products.

Founder : Louisa Kinoshi

Website : www.beautyrevng.com

Date of creation : April 21, 2014

Country : Nigeria

Business sector : Perfumery & Cosmetics

Linkedin : ng.linkedin.com/in/louisakinoshi

Facebook : www.facebook.com/beautyrevng

Twitter : www.twitter.com/beautyrevng