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Access.Mobile is a start-up created in 2011 which provides simple and affordable digital solutions to improve patient and care provider relationships in Africa.

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Maturity Level / Status Progress : Growth
Year of creation : 2011 / Turnover (USD) : / Turnover (USD) in 3 years :
Desired capital (USD) in 2017 :
Founder : Kaakpema Yelpaala / / www.accessmobileinc.com

Principle and genesis of the offer

The health sector in Africa suffers from a suboptimal organisation: paper files, lack of patient records, very long wait. The provided healthcare is affected and local population shifts away from clinics and hospitals. For instance, the long wait in hospitals is considered by patients as working time being wasted.
Given the fast development of internet access in Africa and the fact that the quasi entire population now has a mobile phone, Kaakpema Yelpaala wanted this technical improvement to benefit healthcare. He created the start-up Access.Mobile in 2011 and developed a platform named AM Health to enable clinicians to manage their patients’ follow-up in a simple and efficient way. More recently, the start-up developed a second product, Gozee, which looks like a website listing 2,500 health facilities (hospitals, general practitioners, pharmacies). Patients can locate the services they need, close to their location, and find various information on facilities: opening times, means of payment, etc. They can also book appointments.
Acess.Mobile is now also available in Kenya and Ghana.

Customer Care

The platform AM Health is for clinicians. Using internet, it is available on various supports: computer, smartphones, tablets. Clinicians manage appointments with patients on the interface. They can synchronize it with their agenda, cancel appointments, specify payment information that will be sent to insurances. The second aspect of the app is more focused on patients’ follow-up after the appointment, with the option to send notifications regarding treatments, recall of drugs, etc. Finally, every patient’s files are saved by the app, facilitating their transfer to another practitioner.

What is an innovation

With its two products, Access.Mobile empowers and optimizes the patient-practitioner link, and strengthen proximity between patients and healthcare facilities. Where patients used to be affected by the lack of organization in health procedures, Access.Mobile now offers simple solution to allow patients to take maximum advantage of the provided healthcare. Being present on all the medical value chain chain with its two products (from appointment booking to post-appointment follow-up), Access.Mobile offers a service benefiting all the healthcare actors. In particular, the start-up minimizes administrative blocking so that practitioners can focus more on cares and patients can regain faith in their country’s healthcare system.