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Andela selects and trains African developers of excellence and after 6 months offer the jobs in client companies in parallel of their training.

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Maturity Level / Status Progress : Growth
Year of creation : 2014 / Turnover (USD) : / Turnover (USD) in 3 years :
Desired capital (USD) in 2017 :
Founder : Jeremy Johnson and Iyinoluwa Aboyeji / hello@andela.com / www.andela.com

Principle and genesis of the offer

The development of new communication technologies enabled fast growing possibilities in developed countries. With this very same expectation for Africa, Jeremy Johnson, co-founder of U2, and Iyinoluwa Aboyeji, created in 2014 Andela, an academy of excellence in computing. Andela not only aims at training efficient developers for the tech-leaders, but also wants to train new leaders capable of developing this sector in Africa.
This is a 4 years program. After the first 6 months, students start working for one of the many collaborating companies of the academy, among which are Microsoft, IBM and 6sense. This is dual training, and Andela is both an academy and a service for companies looking for high level developers. This service allows companies to optimise recruitment and in-house training. It is actually the companies that fund Andela. According to Jeremy Johnson, this is half the costs for the companies, compared to a paying a team of local developers. Students also get funded by Andela at a competitive level for their country.
Andela is based on a strong expansion process. The company has two training centres in Lagos and Nairobi, and is planning on opening a third one, also in Africa. In two years, Andela trained 200 engineers selected among 40,000 candidates (selectivity rate of 0.7\%). The rate of trained student should double by next year, as the goal is to train 100,000 engineers in 10 years. Andela also managed to raise substantial funding, especially with 24 million

Customer Care

Students: candidates apply online. The process includes tests of logic, a course to attend followed by an exam, and a motivation and “soft skills” evaluation interview for the few candidates who passed the first selections.
Partner companies: Companies can use Andela’s services by contacting the start-up directly on the platform, filling a short form on the company needs. No price list is available online.

What is an innovation

Andela selects and trains high-level African developers for companies. Andela charges companies and then pays students a bursary. This system seems unique in Africa and in the world.
The impact of Andela is double. By training African students at a very high-level in computing, it can offer development opportunities to the contient. In parallel, it gives companies from developed countries the opportunity to access a cheap labour with the warranty of a high-level of training.