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Founded in France in 2013 by Tonjé Bakang, and launched in 2015, Afrostream offers monthly or annual subscriptions, to watch Afro-American, Afro-Caribbean and African TV series, movies, documentaries unlimited. This service is for now only available in France and its DOM-TOM, in Belgium, in Luxemburg, in Switzerland, in Madagascar and in Central and West Africa.

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Maturity Level / Status Progress : Seed
Year of creation : 2013 / Turnover (USD) : / Turnover (USD) in 3 years :
Desired capital (USD) in 2017 :
Founder : Tonjé Bakang et Ludovic Bostral / / https://www.afrostream.tv/

Principle and genesis of the offer

Afrostream’s creation comes from a simple fact: media and cable suppliers are not interested in afro content. The start-up first get a contract with french TV channel TF1, then as a tab on their web-site MYTF1VOD. The launching of the subscription offer sparks the creation of today’s web-site.
Although it already allows the diffusion of Afro-American content successful in the USA and in France (like the movie Think like a man), the real target of the company is Africa. It aims at becoming the African Netflix, but with an emphasis on the content: it’s a real social engagement for afro content, with the goal of becoming its standard on the internet within five years. In the long run, its founders even hope of producing fictions, still as Netflix’s business model.
Thus, thanks to a good communication campaign, the service obtained 2 000 subscriptions even before its launching in 2015.

Customer Care

Afrostream offers three subscription types to their clients, ranging from 6,99€ a month to 59,99€ a year, for, either way, a limitless offer in the contents, whether it be movies, TV series, children animated cartoons or documentaries. The web-site is available on computers and tablets, but now also on smartphones with the development of a mobile app. The annual offer also offers to use several screens with the same account.
Finally, and it’s essential for the future expansion of the service, the app disposes of subtitles in many languages.

What is an innovation

With 20 million Afro-American culture fans according to Tonjé Bakang, Afrostream aims at reaching an almost untouched market, by being the only company to offer such a specific content, even with the arrival of Netflix in France.
The web-site also offers, for this sparsely shared content, an alternative to low quality streaming and downloading, illegal anyway.
Even as there are competitors in Africa, notably IrokoTV in Nigeria, Tonjé Bakang is optimistic, because it’s not his first time trying something new : he launched the stand-up in French TV, by creating the predecessor of the Jamel Comedy Club.