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Launched in 2016 in eight French-speaking African countries, Afrimalin is a free digital solution to connect buyers and sellers : they can be professionals, or just individuals.
Among the shareholders of the company, there are the Milchior family, owner of the French company Etam, David Kalfon who leads the investment fund Amaïka Asset Management, or also the London financial Yannick Naud.

My African Startup
Maturity Level / Status Progress : Growth
Year of creation : 2016 / Turnover (USD) : / Turnover (USD) in 3 years : 10 millions
Desired capital (USD) in 2017 : 1,5 millions
Founder : Mamadou Niane, Thibault Launay, Romain Girbal, Célia Grémy / contact@afrimalin.com / www.afrimalin.com

Principle and genesis of the offer

Afrimalin has been building and leading by an expert team of the E-Commerce in Africa. The board is 100\% African, with talented businessmen from the digital scene in Guinea, Senegal, Ivory Coast or Cameroun.
Afrimalin is the result of an observation : Africa is challenging a digital revolution (we can see that with the mobile phones). Yet, SMEs, merchants and craftsmen don’t take a full advantage of this revolution, while 80\% of company leaders hope to increase their sales thanks to the internet. Most of these companies don’t have the resources needed to enjoy this digital revolution.
Afrimalin is a platform designed specially to accelerate the opportunities of SMEs, merchants and craftsmen thanks to the E-Commerce.

Customer Care

Afrimalin is very easy to use. You just create your account, using your facebook account or answering a few questions. To post an ad just takes a few clicks: you describe the product, eventually ad a photo and that’s it.
It’s also easy to buy a product: you just enter your search, compare various offers and chose the most interesting one. Then the buyer contact the seller, they make an appointment and conclude the trade.

What is an innovation

Afrimalin wants to help professionals and individuals to enter the digital revolution. The start-up offers to local SMEs new opportunities, and makes buyers able to choose among various products at various prices (which is especially interesting for poor consumers who will be able to save money on their purchases).
Afrimalin is also an help for job creation, as the platform can connect job seekers and recruiters.