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Logistic transport

Africab is a pan-African startup that aims to revolutionize passenger transport in Sub-Saharan Africa. It’s clear to see that, despite significant economic development in recent years, the different countries in the region aren’t able to offer modern safe, comfortable means of transport.

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Founder : Vangsy GOMA / / http://afri-cab.com/

Principle and genesis of the offer

In Africa, many countries have known for the past 10 years a constant growth and the development of trade and industry, something that helps create a web of intertwined firms that keeps on getting stronger. The rise of an African middle class, connected and open to changes, has strengthened the demand on services.
And while the spread of new technologies in Africa makes these markets favorable to innovation, there was a strong need to offer a new service to the population, living there or just passing by. Thus, Africab was born.

Africab also means a different idea of development and another economic model for Africa. Unlike the US digital giants, Africab is more than a contact platform, a model designed to capture local value in order to export it. Africab is a company that owns its vehicles, is responsible for the drivers it employs and develops a pan-African vision and business. Africab’s goal is also to extend its activities rapidly into other African countries. This development will be based on the same quality standards to make it a recognized, reliable pan-African service.

Customer Care

As the firm mentioned on its website, Africab offers a unique service in Côte d’Ivoire, built on the following principles: Optimum use of digital technologies to offer a high-performance service within everyone’s reach, a fleet of new or very recent vehicles guaranteeing maximum safety and comfort with a relevant service offering for every demand (individuals, businesses, concierge) as well as professional, constantly trained drivers to ensure all the passengers’ safety.

What is an innovation

Africab believes strongly in many values, because Africab is before everything an idea: revolutionize passenger transport in sub-Saharan Africa. It’s also a mission: provide modern, safe and comfortable means of transport. The emphasis is also put on innovation, because Africab conveys a high-tech model of digital transformation that is suited to Africa, its growth and its specificities. In this way, Africab is tapping into the leapfrog effect to take the best of global innovation and adapt it to Africa. To work on local development because it means sustainable development. And finally, to build an entrepreneurial culture that is based on technology and respects African identity.