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Angaza Boma is a social enterprise registered on 26th January 2015 in Nairobi Kenya whose main mission is to transform lives in East Africa by supplying healthy, efficient, eco-friendly products and offering the services needed to create long-term uptake and access to them. We are leading distributors of high quality 19 inch digital LED solar powered Tv system enabling off-grid rural families get access to Tv entertainment, educative programs for school children, impact based agricultural programs for farmers, all powered by the Sun. We are combating energy- poverty and climate change challenges. We are providing access to solar lights in some of the most remote regions of the East Africa and building a movement to eradicate the kerosene lamp in Kenya. Without electricity families have no clean source of light, leaving millions to rely on expensive, unhealthy alternatives . Many use homemade kerosene lamps which are a poor source of light; they emit toxic black smoke.
Desire to combat energy-poverty level among rural off-grid households by connecting them to the World around them through access to news,information and education regarding health,agricultural, education, social and economic trends powered by the sun. Over 2000 Families now enjoy Tv entertainment, solar lighting &solar phone charging. With plans to roll out in 11 countries across Africa,our focus will be incorporating local human resource thus boosting employment rates within host countries.In Kenya,we plan to recruit,train and support 900 direct sales executives sell our product directly to customers,in addition,we shall be appointing 150 retail agents countrywide where 1 brand ambassador shall be allocated to each dealer to boost sales .In essence, we intend to employ 2400 staff.We shall replicate the same model across E. Africa market targeting 10,000 employees who shall be directly/indirectly supporting over 500,000 families within their homes.We plan to support 800 women .
Am a highly skilled strategic planning,execution and sales and marketing professional with proven experience in building professional relationships, developing successive sales strategies, developing and implementing new strategies and procedures ,am confident that my in-depth experience will enable me achieve the set targets. My main focus is to aggressively develop and structure robust distribution channels for consumer products and service within Sub Saharan Africa coupled by impeccable customer service . I posses 10 years working in senior sales positions of leading solar lamps distributing companies across East Africa. After interacting with customers in the field,i did receive numerous requests from over 800 customers who comprised: teachers,middle level farmers and other public servants who specified were looking for anywhere they can purchase a solar powered tv system that can enable them enjoy tv entertainment,light up their houses and charge their phones.
We officially rolled out a commercial retail program of our product into the market by early February 2015 after a 3 months pilot program from October 2014,and now boosting sales of over 650 units in Kenya in just 8 months generating $227500 in sales revenue ,where over 4000 households in rural Kenya now have access to news, information, education, clean in-house lighting and mobile phone charging. All these while operating exclusively from our head office in Nairobi, using $5000 (part of the $10,000 total awarded) seed capital awarded to us by The Tony Elumelu Foundation ,we have managed to set up 1 regional sales point within key town market within the western part of Kenya that we have been receiving numerous product inquiries .These sales point serve s as our regional direct sales office, handle repairs, customer service and offer after sales services to customers .These has boosted our monthly sales by 15% .
In Kenya,we target 2.5M off-grid middle class customers i.e public servants, teachers, farmers e.t.c who have high demand for Tv entertainment, lighting and access to mobile phone charging system. These group poses financial ability as well as access to credit facilities to afford our product. Since January,we have witnesses high product uptake by teachers and farmers where cash sales accounted for 60% while credit sales accounted for 40%. The landing cost of our product, after paying all import duty taxes is $250, we then retail it at $350 earning us $100 profit per unit which is our revenue that we utilize to run our operations. Additionally, we are also distributing GOTV set top boxes and antennaes earning us $5 & $3 commission respectively on every unit sold .These acts as another revenue stream to us. We are in final stages of being accredited to benefit from Carbon credit funds due to the environmental impact of our solar Tv systems .
Having sold 650 units at early stage of the business, generating $227500 in sales revenues just within 7 months in operation,within the next 3 years, we target to achieve 45% off-grid market penetration across Kenya targeting at least 200,000 customers. To achieve these, we plan to set up 100 regional sales offices spread across major towns countrywide. To support these expansion, we target to recruit 750 direct sales ambassadors countrywide who shall be attached to various regional sales offices, mandated to sell our product on competitive commission basis. Within the next 5 years, we plan to expand to Uganda and Tanzania targeting over 800,000 off-grid middle class customers who are currently experiencing power connection challenges in rural regions. Be able to network with other start-up business owners across Africa-these will enable us learn from our other entrepreneurs from Africa regarding what problems ,challenges they are facing as a start-ups. Raise $2M in funding
https://youtu.be/57HfTIBy32s, https://youtu.be/PUPCI2Uhdi4

Project : Angaza Boma

Short description of the project : We are sole distributors of high quality 19 inch digital LED solar powered Tv system in Kenya.

Founder : Kennedy Lamwenya

Website : www.angaza-kenya.co.ke

Date of creation : 2014-09-07

Country : Kenya

Business sector : Renewable Energy & Sustainable Development

Linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/company/10229351?trk=tyah&trkInfo=clickedVertical%3Acompany%2CclickedEntityId%3A10229351%2Cidx%3A2-2-3%2CtarId%3A1445075090573%2Ctas%3Aangaza

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