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R-INNOV, an African Startup Portrait

R-INNOVis an organization that provides services in the field of mobile development, web and training. We produce mobile and web applications for individuals and businesses. We have to clean ourselves and with great impact projects.So the project we propose is intended to be deployed in many countries in Africa to participate in development.
R’innov is a pan-African vision. We believe in entrepreneurship and we want to produce innovative mobile applications with content adapted to the realities of Africans alike. We develop useful and free applications mobile applications that will facilitate users’ lives by fostering.Thus, for applications that can be used and implemented throughout Africa we intend to foster the emergence and helping young people fight against unemployment.
Our adventure of entrepreneurship began well before the establishment of R’INNOV our difficulties strewn path has led us to believe more in ourselves and in our convictions, in addition we have the technical tools to achieve our goals.
We participated in the startup weekend, and developers of hackatons competition and today we have our active ten mobile application and web.
We rely on our strong downloading applications in countries launch and internal services related to mobile Money management transactions. Finally, the advertising and sale of capital in the country.
the application has already been developed and are in the testing phase, we hope to find partners to assist us in the implementation phase.
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Project : R-INNOV

Short description of the project : we develop innovative mobile applications with content adapted to the realities of Africans alike.

Founder : Foungnigue Yves SORO

Website : http://www.r-innov.net

Date of creation : 01/2014

Country : Ivoiry coast

Business sector : Softwares & High-Tech Products

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Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/SoroFYves?ref=ts&fref=ts

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