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PAMI(Plantations Africaines de Miscanthus), an African Startup Portrait

Create a network of Miscanthus farms to produce energy.domestic and industrial . Develop local perennial energy crops for a sustainable lasting solution to support solid fuel supplies for carbon neutral cooking in West Africa. The markets is easily replicable. Expansion to building material.
The demand for cooking fuel (80% of energy consumption) is causing large forest depletion in West Africa. Charcoal wood is no more sustainable. A sustainable and perennial low cost solution to shift the dependency from wood to grasses is mandatory
concurence in renewable energies with Miscanthus is almost nonexistent.and manufacture of briquettes to replace charcoal does not exist.suddenly, innovative and economical product for households, preservation of the forest and Creation of jobs Competitors How our solution is better "Business as usual" No forest depletion, local benefits households groceries sustainable business by using briquettes National Energy co. low cost of green energy.
plantations test, research of lands surfaces, faisabiity of studies , business plan
Here’s what this looks like so far: 6M prospects Market size: $1.5B Target Market Domestic Solid Fuel 100% ($1.5B) Briquettes-pellets: direct sales for cooking with resellers. Biobased materials: fiberboard and building material (roofing). Biofuel supply for powerplant (national utility)
rhizome’s nursery (75k$), land lease-planting (150k$), harvest materials (100k$), briquettes-pellets presses (200k$), working capital (75k$) Funding Need; $ 500K
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Project : PAMI(Plantations Africaines de Miscanthus)

Short description of the project : Creta eanetwork of Miscanthus farms to produce energy ,domestic and for industries.


Website : www.pami-africa.net

Date of creation : 2009-06-11

Country : Ivoiry coast

Business sector : Renewable Energy & Sustainable Development

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