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MyAconnect will change the way people buy and sell in Africa, with AMoney, the ultimate payment method for AFRICA. It’s much better than paying on delivery, and selling on others platforms because it’s automatic, flexible, secure, accessible, and cheap and fits into the way African already leave.the one of Aconnect Group is to live to provide intelligent, low cost, and effective solutions and services with an unquestionable commitment to provide long term value for our client which is Africa. Expected results are to see a digital africa and a connected business Africa
I decided to become an entrepreneur because i have a vision of my country and Africa that i want to achieve. In my vision, we can have a strong Africa only if we have big companies that can create wealth, master technology and science, reduce unemployment, moreover those companies should everlast at least centuries. . What’s more is the fact i decided to become a techpreneur because i want to show the world that we Africans can solve our problems using technology and even sell our technology to the rest of the world. MyAconnect will create 65 direct jobs and 35 indirect jobs so a total of 100 jobs in 1 year, introduce technology and ICTs in the way people do business, lead to the digitization of our community, increase the rate of computerization, reduce traffic jams, bring new financial services by the virtualization of money for the unbanked, and i will lead to more financial inclusion since it targets the unbanked people.
Over 3 years’ experience as COO, management, product development and business owner. Knowledge in areas ranging from IT, business administration to financial services to recruiting staff members. Key Accomplishments: Entrepreneur who grew a business from a product to a lean start up through effective business planning, project management, creative sales techniques, innovative products and marketing. ? Recognized by colleagues as a consummate professional with a high degree of personal integrity. Known for a contagious passion for excellence, a talent for resourceful business and engineering solutions, Do It Yourself advocate and a capacity for charismatic leadership. Possess outstanding communication and presentation abilities. Skilled in persuasive presentation and profitable negotiation. I have the vision, i know how to achieve it and the amount of work to do it.
We have already a beta version, our website is ready, and in just two weeks after the launch we had 3250 subscribers and 20 loyal beta customers who were using at least 3 times per week our solution, in one month. To digitize African Cameroon, in the city of YAOUNDE, 152 SMEs accepted to work with us and become our partners, in different sectors varying from retail, shops, craftsman, fashion shops, bakeries, groceries, wholesale, restaurants, manufacturers, musicians. We have also partnership with well renowned SMEs, Moreover, we have managed to get partnerships for distribution networks and accessibility for our payment method In terms of revenues, we have get for the first month as revenue $615.19 and for the second month our revenue was $790.86. And we have raised $10 000 in march in seed funding as founder Fabrice ALOMO was selected among the best entrepreneur in Africa by the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Program.
The size of the market opportunity for our business/idea is: For Cameroon: 17,556,494 and for sub-Saharan Africa: 325,185,898. Corresponding to the number of people using internet daily, people using mobile phone and unbanked people. With the penetration of internet and mobile devices, we have more than 2million smartphones in Cameroon, there is a strong need for the type of applications that we built to digitize people life to make it simple and soft. That is why we will offer them the opportunity to do so using our solution. There is a high rate of unbanked people who do not have access to financial services which lead to financial exclusion, only 26% of Cameroonians and 20% of Africans are using financial services around only 243 040 100 individuals. Our revenue stream is mainly through AMoney because it is our payment method through which users pay for their products and services, we have percentage on each transaction, also we win money through ads.
-Look for partners -Design, build and test the last additional features on the product -Enlarge the distribution channel of our products -Marketing, hire sales veterans and some people -Build infrastructure and equipments We are looking for investors, partners and media coverage.


Short description of the project : MYACONNECT is a web Multitask platform that aims at ’re-imagining’ the way to do business in Africa.


Website : https://www.myaconect.com

Date of creation : 2014-11-04

Country : Cameroon

Business sector : E-Commerce

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Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/connectingafrica?fref=ts

Twitter : https://www.twitter.com/myaconnect