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STAMP Investments innovates and distributes multitasking cook stove which makes it possible to cook as you sanitize water for drinking with no added cooking cost in an in built water jacket. The stoves has helped break the chain of disease transmission associated with inadequate safe drinking water. In the context of Kenya rural areas, the idea of providing every household individually with safe piped water remains a challenge. The art of having a multitasking cooking stove is of importance to combat water borne diseases, empowerment of women and youth and increase access safe drinking clean water free of diseases causing micro-organisms. The project has focused on education on need for sustained adoption, of STAMP multitasking stoves in order to reduce child mortality and promote economic development and empowerment of women and youth, reduce incidences of water borne illnesses as a result of drinking water that is not boiled, increase access to safe clean drinking water and storage.
Lack of access to clean drinking water is a major development challenge facing communities in informal and rural settlements in Kenya. Through his work with women’s groups in urban informal settlements and rural areas in Kenya, STAMP Director Kenneth Ndua observed that water borne diseases such as cholera and diarrhoea are common due to people drinking contaminated water from shallow wells, and that women in the community spend a significant amount of their time caring for family and friends who are ill. He also observed that most people could not afford the extra fuel needed to boil water and sanitize it due to high living costs and low purchasing power. This escalated water borne diseases especially diarrhoea which affects millions of people worldwide, having the greatest impact on children, especially in developing countries.
STAMP designed a project called TREES (Transforming, renewable energy synergies) which sought to transform the landscape on delivering energy access, enhance boiling of drinking water. With a pilot on going in Kiambu with a one stop facility that trains women and end users on proper use of STAMP stoves in order to increase adoption of stoves. The normal traditional ways have been selling stoves and water sanitization items by different actors without a follow up while the TREES project has transformed and re-looked the various strategies being applied and brought about new synergies in renewable energy / clean water business by empowering household to make healthy informed choices. The current facility is based 30 km from Nairobi in a rural village and two more will be established through partnership with women CBOs in Kilifi and Kitui. This will lead to sustainability, employment creation and more adoption of the multitasking fuel efficient cook stoves.
STAMP project since 2012 has been to impact on the general quality of life of rural communities by marketing the multitasking cooking stove that cooks and sanitize water simultaneously and giving the information on the importance of boiling water for drinking. In 2013 / 2014 STAMP undertook a collaborative research with the three target communities in order to identify the challenges and to create a forum for introducing Jiko Kenya stove that enabled household to cook and sanitize water simultaneously. Through Trained community monitors (women) a small group of women amongst those using the stove would make weekly visits to the households for training , observation and recording of most significant changes in those household’s. Three different target groups in different parts of Kenya were involved in the study for 1 year.
STAMP business model since 2012 was fabricating and marketing the stoves directly to consumers. Since 2015 the model has changed whereby the business is outsourcing the fabrication to a manufacturer and concentrating on marketing and distribution through other businesses who reach out to the consumers directly. This enable the business to concentrate on what we are good at
Scaling up distribution of stoves through vendors Earning carbon credits Diversification to other products

Project : STAMP Investments holdings ltd

Short description of the project : Accelerating access to safe drinking water and clean cook stoves

Founder : Keneth Ndua

Website : www.stamp.co.ke

Date of creation : 2012-07-12

Country : Africa (several countries)

Business sector : Renewable Energy & Sustainable Development

Linkedin : linkedin.com/in/kennethndua

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/STAMPinv

Twitter : @STAMPnvestments