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Nadji.Bi Group, an African Startup Portrait

Today, one-quarter of the world’s population, around 1.6 billion people, lives without electricity and have difficult access to information. 600 millions of those are living in Sub-Saharian Africa. Nadji.Bi is setting up a manufacturing plant in Africa, in instance in Senegal. Due to currency fluctuations, import duties and taxes, and due to vast access to very motivated jobless young people, the local manufacturing is making full sense for Nadji.Bi : the Pan-African brand! Nadji.Bi already developed products and is still working on R&D and products development. Nadji.Bi is now looking for distribution partners, in order to provide high-tech African technology to Africans!
Elhadji, Julien and Ismaël met for the first time more than 10 years ago in Senegal. Senegalese, Franco-Senegalese and Cameroonian students, they met in the bush-taxi station of Ndiaganiao, Senegal. They starts speaking about all the development opportunities around them. As Sub-Saharian African citizens, they had high expectations and were willing to move forward, to work hard, and to help their communities. They realized that basic needs, like water and energy access were still not available. Every people in the villages used most of their revenue buying disposable batteries, candles or kerosene in order to get dangerous light. Despite the fact that they were young, without experience and without money, they wanted to exploit this resource. While Ehadji went to France, Julien and Ismaël flew to China. They entered solar industry, reached good positions in industrial groups. They worked during 4 years and succeed to save enough money to start the project of their life: Nadji.Bi!
As a Pan-African brand and company, we are focused on developing an inclusive business, enabling us to develop and manufacture the right products to the right market, and at the right place. We already worked few years on our products before incorporating our company, and we are now ramping-up our production capacity and our R&D plans and projects.
We already developed : - a Solar lamp, enable to charge mobile phones, - a Solar Home System enable to supply 3 LEDs lights and to charge a mobile phone, - a smart Solar Streetlight, Today we are developing a new Solar Home System for TV, with expendable system and mobile phone payment system.
We are whole-selling our products to importers, distributors, retails channels, NGO and governments. We are also offering solutions to governments to deploy solar solutions in rural areas.
We have 2 main phases in development: - the increase of our production capacity in Senegal, - to finish the development of our next product : the expendable Solar Home System with mobile phone payment system.

Project : Nadji.Bi Group

Short description of the project : Nadji.Bi is a for-profit social business, developing, manufacturing and selling solar solutions

Founder : Ismaël Mohamadou Djida

Website : http://www.nadjibi.com/nadjibi/

Date of creation : 2011-01-01

Country : Africa (several countries)

Business sector : Renewable Energy & Sustainable Development

Linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/company/nadji-bi-group/

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/NadjiBiGroup

Twitter : https://twitter.com/NadjiBiGroup