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City-Capture, an African Startup Portrait

Launched in June 2014, this Start-up, International from its creation is a new breath for the industry of Tourism in Africa. Our mission is to promote the international cultural exchanges in particular between countries of the African continent. The tools which we chose: the creation and promotion of cultural, artistic and sports events, the organization of discovery trips and the management of transport systems. Trough City-Capture.com and trough our events, we have the ambition to stand out as the reference e-guide for the travelers on the African Continent. Our goal is to reflect with the most possible loyalty, the diversity and the dynamics of the landscapes, cultures and the peoples of Africa. We expect to create a cultural and artistic hub, gattering more than 2000 travelers per month trough the entire continent within the first year of creation!
We wanted the tourism industry in Africa to get more modernity. Our goal was to use technology to bring more view on the diversity of cultures in Africa. We started this beause nobody seemed to be listening to the people counting on this economy to survive. At termwe expect to create more than 1000 jobs accros the continent.
We know the african environment (professional, cultural, techological...) and the tools and technologies we are using trough: -our Multicultural team -our diverse experiences in several countries in africa -our professionnal networks: United Nations, Ecowas... -our educations : marketing & communication, business engineering, eletronics & web technologies... -our vision: panafrican
-The Platform(Web) is nearly open (begining november) -The Database for Burkina Faso (HeadQuarter) is growing -Partnerships with Guinea Republic, Togo, Benin, Ghana, sierra Leone, Liberia and Nigeria for the databases are on road -The Tourism services are on negociation with several companies.
We have a double faced business model: BtoB We will alow a number of companies to make ther promotion to purchase clients on our website. BtoC We will create and/or promote several events and tourism services.
1st. - Launch the Plateform (november 2014) 2nd - Develop parnerships and Increse the Databases in all countries (December 2014) 3rd - Bring anough companies on the plateform to increase our revenues 4th - Lounch the tourism services 5th - Lounch the culture & events services
Coming soon.

Project : City-Capture

Short description of the project : A Multimedia community plateform for digital promotion of tourism, and leisure activities...

Founder : ZABA Yohann

Website : http://www.city-capture.com

Date of creation : 2014

Country : Africa (several countries)

Business sector : Tourism & Hospitality

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Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/citycapture

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